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DVD 1: "Stop It On The Door": Basic Refusal Techniques For Door Staff


Anthony Hendry - Training Consultant
"I am a trainer within the security industry, specialising in conflict management and helping persons gain their SIA license to operate legally within the industry, here in Scotland. I have recently introduced this instructional DvD to my classes and the feed back from them is very encouraging. The hints and tips are well received by the students that are new to the job. Its a great way of seeing experienced Doormen at work without being out on the streets watching them. The scenarios shown are realistic and the teamwork between Mark and Simon is excellent. This is something that i encourage and they both show how this works. A great product and one that i would highly recommend to persons in the security industry." [more...]

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Our objective is to deliver instructional DVDs that provide security personnel of all levels with an insight into the techniques and tricks of the trade used by experienced security professionals in performing their daily and nightly duties.

Designed and shot by experts, this series of DVDs provides a step-by-step introduction to the skills and knowledge required to perform at the highest level in a variety of sectors. In sharing this knowledge, our experts hope to make your job a little easier and a whole lot safer!

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